Animal Encounters

The Florida International Teaching Zoo (FITZ) is 'giddy' about our Newest Animal Encounter. And it's no laughing matter. FITZ is home to one of America's Few African Spotted Hyena pairs (The Laughing Kind). Spotted Hyenas are falsely labeled as cowardly scavengers.

In actuality, Spotted Hyenas are True Predators. Immensely powerful, they can crush cow leg bones in one bite. They are revered, respected, and feared in their Native Africa. Spotted Hyenas are also under increasing pressures to survive in the wild. SO how better to honor a Feared Deadly Predator than by allowing(SAFELY) FITZ's Visitors to Feed our Spotted Hyenas. AND you get PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of your Daring Feat. FITZ's Professional staff will supervise your feeding and Cool pictures of Your Personal Feeding Time with our Spotted Laughing Hyenas. I bet they will laugh at you. But believe me a predator's laugh is not funny.

FITZ's Hyena Feeding Encounter and Photos are a $35 donation. A portion of the donation supports African Anti-Poaching Programs, the Mount Kenya Mounted Horse Patrol, International Elephant Foundation, FITZ's Zoo Hyenas and YOU are helping Wild Threatened Hyenas.

We also offer photo opportunities with our friendly parrots, cockatoos, lizards, tortoise, and snakes for a $10 donation, a portion of which benefits Costa Rican Macaw Recovery Projects. For FITZ Tour information call 1-866-937-1115.

Reservation Line for Tours (866) 937-1115

Open Saturday afternoons from 1 to 5pm

Sunday afternoons from 2 to 4pm

Tours begin on the hour 1, 2, 3, 4pm

Your admission includes a guided tour and artifact presentation. Our capacity per tour is 25 people, so please call ahead to reserve your space.

Cash or Check accepted

Admission Donations
Adults 14 and up$10 donation
Seniors$9 donation
Children 5-14$8 donation
Kids Under 4*FREE*